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Save 400% by using SMART SMS url tracking

Post demonetization, every one seems to have entered in default savings mode. At SMSLane, we have also come up with an innovative feature which will save your SMS marketing campaign cost by 400%.

SMSLane has redefined its original SMART url messaging solution with wider reporting feature and data profiling. Data rich GUI based reporting not only helps you measure the response, but also enables you to connect your leads in real-time with our unique URL tracking algorithm.

Here we have created few FAQ to understand how it works:

Q. What is Smart URL or Smart Link

A. Smart URL or Smart link is a unique tiny url which is generated by our system based on any long URL. This helps saving character count in a message.

Q. How Smart URL is different from Google or Twitter url shortening service?

Usually Google or Twitter url service is used for your entire SMS campaign. This URL remains same for every SMS body in your campaign. Such url shortening service can only tell you, how many people clicked on link, but it can not determine who has clicked on the link.

Our Smart URL can precisely tell you who has clicked on the link at what time. You can also configure a trigger to update your field executive to contact that lead in real-time.

Q. How does it saves my cost?

Usually we keep on sending SMS campaigns to same group of people from our Lead data. Since there is no engagement tool is available to profile our data based on clients interest, we are left with no choice keep wasting our money by sending every campaign to same group of people.

After using Smart Link, you can profile you data automatically and effectively plan your next campaign to interested leads only.

This saves a lot of money and resource.

Q. Can I try it free of cost?

Yes, you can. Its available for all our premium users.

Q. I have more question about this service.

You can reach us at our Hex Care number 026526708585

All New Support System – We Understand, We Help and We Care

Staying firm on its promise to provide clients dedicated support and help, SMSLane has developed all new support system focused on quick and complete solution of the clients’ queries as well as problems. We feel glad to announce that recently updated support system is spontaneous, wise and logical enough to act, analysis and solve any sort of issue or query in quick instance of time.

Below are the key elements of our updated support system:

Available 7 days a Week – The problem doesn’t come after invitation; it can come any day, any time. Thus, we are available to offer support on all 7 days of a week. So, call us any day, any time, we will help you up to highest possible extent.

Expert @ Help – Our executive are thoroughly trained to offer dedicated help and support to the clients. They are capable of dealing with your every possible query or issue. Come to us with any logical problem or query, our executive will get it resolved in best possible time.

Patient Listening – Maintaining standard support decorum, our support executives maintain habit of listening to the queries or issues of the clients with complete patience, which will allow you to elaborate your problem or query and to get the most appropriate solution in return.

Update – We have developed the mechanism to intimate the client on the progress made in handling the issue of the client after every short interval of time. Also, the clients will be confirmed on the complete solution of the problem.

Feedback – We will consider our-self in win situation only when we have satisfied clients. Thus, we would like to have feedback from you regarding your experience you had in using our service. Your feedback will help us to become better over and over again.

Our updated support system has been already brought into action. You can reach us @ and 08030636102. Looking forward to help YOU!

An SMS Can do A Lot for Your Business>

We all know that – the current era is technology-oriented. Thus, every business individual keep his business connected with the technology to run it smooth constantly. If you will look at the global market closely, you will find that it relies much on the text messages when it comes to brand promotion, sharing the information and for online verification.

Brand Promotion– When it comes to increase the sales, branding need to be done in a way that it can affect most of the targeted audience. A SMS makes direct reach to the customer. It explains everything to the targeted audience in a very simple yet effective way. All a client needs to do is to read the text. No technical knowledge is required. Also, it takes mere seconds to read the message. If you try to reach the customers through call, most of the calls may get dropped due to hectic schedule of the individual. Also, sometimes calling at some inconvenient time to the customers may turn them intrusive, whereas, SMS can be read by them in their free time. Also, one may forget the things discussed over call but SMS remain there in inbox to remind them in case they forget.

Exchange of Information – It is very important in the business to share the relevant information to the customers and within the business departments. SMS can be the best medium to carry and deliver such information. Also, it works as a proof that you have passed the information to the concerned department and the targeted audience at proper time. The customers generate faith in you if you remain in touch with them by providing useful information regarding the brand after every short interval of time.

Verification – Every business is either online or planning to come online these days. Thus, it is important for them to have a quick verification procedure of the customers registering online. Sending them the verification code through text message can be the most convenient way to reach them and to verify their identity.

Bulk messages can work for a business individual on all above mentioned scenarios. One must give it a try to have a feel and benefits of the best non-voice technology.

SMSLane launches SMART-SMS: Think beyond Delivery

The commercial market relies much on the mobile marketing when it comes to promotion and marketing of the brands. Till date, response of any mobile marketing campaign was measured based on Delivery report (DLR) returned by Telecom Operator. Subsequently, companies started using URL enriched text message in the form of tiny URL (third party URL shortening service) for campaign analytics. The responses were measured in such campaigns based on number of clicks made on embedded link(s) in text message. However, such tools could only tell you overall response of the campaign. Capabilities of further drilling down of clicks on who has clicked over the links are not possible. Thus, the campaigns fail to figure out the hot leads interested in their products and services.

To overcome this problem, SMSLane has moved a step further in terms of technology to come up with an effective solution in the form of SMART SMS. Now campaigns can reveal who has clicked on the unique URL embedded in the message and hot leads can be segregated for further use.

Previously, it was not possible to know about the users clicking on the URL as it remains the same in every message. SMSLane took the initiative to change the scenario, and came up with a solution where URL can be sent with a different algorithm to each user using our proprietary URL shortening service. Though we use different algorithm for each message in a campaign, however, the URL redirection, post click will take all the users on the same page. Our SMART algorithm tracks each associated mobile number individually.

This is not the first time when SMSLane has come up the revolutionary innovation in Mobile Marketing industry; take a dip in the pool of past, you will find – SMSLane is the first in the mobile marketing arena to come up with URL shortening service, to count the number of hits on the sent URL and many others. All these things together have worked in the favour of the clients to use the enterprise messaging service in much better conduct.

Our clients can now categorize the users on the basis of action performed by them, and can interact with them as per their category. This will contribute in better interaction with client, which will finally results in increased leads and profit margins.

Think beyond delivery; now track your users in real time using SMART SMS. It has been extended free of cost to all our existing SMSLane users. Login to and share your feedback on this new innovation.

Stay connected with SMSLane to receive more updates, features and innovations.

SMS Marketing – How it should be done?

To run a business smoothly, one must have advance approach and tendency to adopt the new changes quickly by foreseeing the advantages related to it. To be at the top of your business sector does not mean that you need to try unique things but it is like doing the trending things differently. In the recent years, the mobile technology has completely influenced the commercial arena and has successfully overtaken it. Thus, it is clear that one has to go between his targeted audience through mobile phone, and when it comes to reaching cell phones, then nothing is impressive than SMS.

SMS seems to be very simple term as we receive many on regular basis, but to use the same for business purpose, you need to be very creative, informative and précised. The irony is most of the people shoot bulk messages to their customers and prospects without caring much about the content. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of the SMS marketing, but it can be directed on the right track only when the content of the message is appropriate and has ‘call to action’ factor.

Now, when you are up with content of the message, now comes the ‘Time’ factor. Most of the people shoot the bulk messages in the noon time. But, it is the time when the clients remain busy with their own stuff. Thus, most of the time message remains unread. It is suggestible to shoot the message campaign in non-productive hours. So, that the clients can read and can act upon the same.

Finally comes being on the promise. Most of the business persons make fake promises in the content of the message and when it comes to face the reality, the clients feel disappointed. Try to be real in content of the message. Try to fabricate your message in attractive words rather than imitating attractive cum false information. Replicating the correct message among your customers is quite important as it also helps in generating their faith in your business.

Following the above mentioned guidelines for SMS marketing may help you in getting better results from your targeted audience.

SMS Marketing – It’s Quick, It’s Effective

The corporate world does not hesitate in trying the ideas and the things that claim to offer benefits in quick instance of time. However, most of the time such ideas or things fail to deliver what they promise, but it doesn’t happen in every case. Today, I will be discussing a random case in which the innovative idea delivered more than it promised.

The last festival season when every business individuals was coming up with lucrative offers and discounts to the customers to attract them towards their businesses, ‘The Fancy Land’ garment shop owner took the help of sms marketing to bring the customer to his shop. He designed a message campaign to address the existing customers and prospects.

The text message was consisted of discount and a gift offer to every customer visiting and making purchase on his shop till the festival day. He aggressively shot the campaign on weekend as he was sure more people will turn to his shop in weekend. To his surprise, the customers were much more than he expected and he was able to make good profit in the festive season.

Post to that event, he sent a ‘Thank You’ message to every customer to acknowledge their purchase. While other shopkeepers spent a lot in banner, hoardings and brochures, Vinay – Owner of ‘The Fancy Land’ keep the promotional campaign simple and adopted the technology to target the customers.

Here, people must understand that you should communicate with your targeted audience via the best possible and easy way. Technology can assure you both the things and that too in very cost-effective rates. The mobile phone has become the most common thing in the life of the people. Thus, whatever your business is, whatever your targeted audience is, the best possible way to communicate with them is SMS.

It is the demand of the time that every business person or entrepreneur should opt for SMS marketing not only to promote or advertise his products or services, but also to offer help and support to existing clients. In addition, it can be the best medium to inform the clients regarding their transaction and to deliver other important information.

5 Reasons to Opt for SMS Marketing

Going with the trend is an easy way to be up in the competition in any sector. The same rule is applicable in the commercial arena. SMS marketing is new hot shot in the brand and service promotion section and hence, business individuals should go with the flow to remain ahead in the race. But, another business rule says – ‘Never adopt anything before finding its key reasons for success.’ So, we have come up with 5 good reasons to help you understand – why one should introduce SMS marketing in his business promotion plan.

1. To Make an Easy Reach to Customers

In order to sell your product or service, you must have a way through which you can make an easy reach to your targeted audience. Making a call is not a convenient option as it consumes both, cost and time. Also, most of the time customers do not want to get disturbed with a call in peak working hours or during happy hours with family. Whereas, leaving a message on their mobile phone is a wise option. The people will read the message for sure in their free time and if they find it suitable, then will also make further move to reach out to your services or products. This way SMS marketing ensure customer attention and effectual interaction.

2. Effective Way to Promote your Hot Deals

It takes a lot of money to print brochures, templates, hoardings, bill-boards and other relevant things to promote your hot deal or discount offer in the city. Also, most of the time – all these things go un-noticed and drain your money. On other hand, leaving a message on the customers’ cell phone will not go un-noticed. The receiver will surely have a look over the same and if your offer is interesting, then he will definitely avail it.

3. Easy & Convenient Option

It does not require technical expertise to held and execute SMS marketing campaign. On the other hand, it is quite painstaking to deal with the other option, like – call, mail and others. Also, they do not provide surety of delivery of information. SMS marketing is easy and convenient way to deliver the information to the targeted audience.

4. Cost-Effective

While other options for branding or marketing are costly and time consuming, SMS marketing is quick and pocket friendly. It will take merely a few pennies to send a message on mobile phone. It offers much better ROI w.r.t other available options.

5. Customer Friendly

SMS marketing provides an effective way to communicate with the clients. In addition, client will not have to spend even a single buck to respond back to your message. Thus, it is highly customer friendly option for marketing.

Bulk SMS Service – How to choose agreegator for SMS Marketing in India

Growth of every business resolves around its marketing strategy. When it comes to plan your marketing strategy, first of all you need to find out who exactly your target audience is. As rightly said, people don’t plan to fail but they fail to plan.

Effective Data collection and Data mining are the two main ingredients which helps you to pitch your product and service in the market place in front of the right audience.

Once your target audience and market place is decided, you need an effective tool to reach out your prospective customers.

Bulk SMS is such a tool which has been in existence for last few years in the market. The major reason behind prominent MNC’s choosing bulk SMS as their preferred marketing tool due to exponential growth of mobile subscriber base in India.

Recent research shows that Bulk SMS marketing brings quick and effective response compared to other medium of communication. We at provide cloud based SMS marketing tool , where response of a campaign can be measured in real-time with few mouse clicks. Our Bulk SMS API can be integrated with any third party software/application/CRM/ERP for enhance data reporting and data analysis.

Bulk SMS service in India is gaining momentum day by day in the current market. Selecting a reliable bulk SMS gateway provider in India is a difficult task all together. Here are few questions you should always ask your bulk SMS service provider in India before going for a long term relationship.

  1. Are they connected with Telecom Operator / Aggregator through SMPP pipe
  2. What is their throughput  (Any  thing above 200 SMS per second is recommended)
  3. Does their service supports load balancing
  4. Do they provide real-time delivery report

We hope that the information shared above will help you planning and choosing the best bulk SMS service provider in India for your bulk SMS campaign.

Feel free to contact us at 09558297406 for cheap and reliable bulk SMS gateway. We also provide consultancy services on custom SMS integration for Two Way SMS communication.


Team SMSLane

SMS Marketing In India

Now a days bulk sms Marketing in India is very popular service for sending message. People promote their business, product & service and also companies and banks can provide information to their all clients/Users at one time. This service is more useful specially in Real estate.

SMS marketing allows for sending of bulk messages from PC and Applications to MOBILE. That make it possible to do this work in an efficient manner. This is the main reason why they can prove to be useful in the Real Estate industry. Several benefits and uses of the same have been mentioned below.

Organizing the data and the people concerned is one of the biggest challenges a real estate agency faces. Getting all the properties listed, having their agents at the right place, contacting the right customer, who had an inquiry about a particular property, all the paper work and legal matters, etc. are just some of the duties of the real estate agencies. Bulk SMS Marketing is one efficient and innovative way to help them get all these things in proper order. Simply have all the concerned people like home owners, buyers, sellers and agents give their mobile numbers and get it stored on PC. Now, using this database of mobile numbers clubbed with the help of SMS software and gateway technology on the agencies’ PC and all the work can be easily managed.

Firstly, a database of the properties listed and their owners needs to be made. From this, SMS can be created mentioning the location, floor space, cost and other valuable inputs and bulk SMS can be sent to those people who are interested in buying a new home or property. The innovation part comes in when we introduce the SMS application. This application helps you to keep track of all the data and with the help of this application you can actually send personalized SMS to the buyers. For e.g. if the buyer is looking for a 3 bedroom house in a particular area, with the help of database find exact matches, using filter option, and automatically sends a message when a fit/match is found. This can also be used to match the owner’s criteria such as in rented properties they might not want bachelors, family with pets, etc.

Another great way that BULK SMS marketing helps make things easier for real estate agencies is by easily managing the agents and their meetings. Now that a property has been selected by the buyer, it is essential for them to see it as soon as possible. Here, proper timing and scheduling of three people, the owner, the agent and the buyer is needed to be done. With the help of SMS Marketing, proper timings can be negotiated and a fixed date and time can be messaged to all concerned persons. Not just that but we can also send reminders to all of them, so that there is no misunderstanding or delays.

This BULK SMS service can also make it easier for dealing with all the petty work. Sending bulk messages every time a new property comes up in the market, rejecting a deal on a property, collecting keys in case owner is not around to show the house, sending legal documents for property transfer and collecting of the same, etc. all this work can be easily coordinated with the use of BULK SMS.

Let’s look at the other uses of BULK SMS in Real Estate:

  • Assigning codes to properties so that automated services regarding enquirers can be sent to the customers
  • Large scale SMS campaign for property fair or other events
  • Communication at all levels (Owners, Buyers, Agents)
  • Easy way to follow up with all the concerned parties

This technology has immense benefits for the Real Estate industry such as:

  • Live updates
  • Cost effective
  • Reaches the masses
  • Higher viewer ship
  • Faster registrations and enquirers
  • Instant mode of contact and communication
  • 24/7 active services
  • Customers and property tracking

DND Open Route SMS

Post TRAI regulation on banning SMS to DND (Do not disturb) numbers, various genuine entities have suffered a lot in sending legitimate transactional sms to their opted in clients. Though TRAI has no intention to hamper such operation, but at the same time, they do not have any mechanism to control such unsolicited communication which has clouded over the time intruding mobile phones. has a different take on this issue. While we project this issue in public domain for pursing TRAI to consider its decision to take a holistic approach, we also tried to develop a platform, through which we can provide our users a DND Open route subject to their legitimacy and convincing approach.

In view of above we have developed a state of art user friendly interface, where we can allow our user to send sms to DND Number which are Transactional in nature through a pre-approved template. All such templates are vetted and approved by our compliance team in line with the law of the land.

In no case, DND open route can be subjected or exposed for sending bulk sms which are unsolicited and not as per the guidelines of TRAI (Transactional SMS).

If your requirement is truly genuine and transactional in nature, our team is always there to provide you with a solution. We are sure, a small formality, will never create any hinderence on achieving your goal.

Post this regulation of Transactional sms, we have already catered this facilities to hundreds of our users in different categories.